Strange Tools and Stranger Things

My review Alva Noë’s book Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature was published a couple of years ago in the peer reviewed journal Visual Culture in Britain.

Book Review – Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature

Link to Alva Noë’s website here

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How to Survive on Land and Sea

how to survive on land and sea
A novella with ephemera.

In my childhood home we had a small book case. The shelves contained little to no literature, only non-fiction books like a world atlas, the English countryside, myths and legends, the Oxford Dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus. Although I loved to read the thesaurus I also enjoyed reading my Dad’s collection of How to Survive books. My optimistically titled favorite was How to Survive a Nuclear War.

The writing in my riso artist book How to Survive on Land and Sea is a tribute to surviving ridiculous situations. Loosely based on my fieldwork as participating observer and writer in residence at the artist-led Rhubaba Studio and Gallery during a period of austerity and social change, I wrote about a group of artists roaming a dystopian landscape on the banks of the River Humber. First the artists band together as the Trajectorians – then hide and observe, creating a revolution in the process.

Follow this link to the Rhubaba Gallery for info and images and to purchase the publication!

Illustration from my publication How to Survive on Land and Sea