I am a writer, born in Humberside, raised in Manchester, and based in Tynemouth. My writing has been published widely in journals such as British Journal of Visual Culture, 2HB, gnommero, The Paper, Untitled, GLARC. I have written for institutions including Craft Victoria Australia, International 3 Manchester, Cornerhouse Manchester, Catalyst Arts, Belfast. My first poetry collection will be published by Orange Apple Press in June 2021.

I work at the interstices of auto-fiction, auto-theory, criticism, poetry and art writing. Themes include panpsychism, ecopoetics, expanded theories of love and longing, neuropathy and ASMR.

My intermedial practice draws on group exhibitions, artist books, performance, video, audio, zines, songs, soundtracks and t-shirts.

New press Nuts and Bolts, Manchester published my prose poem collection, ‘How Pam Felt Before Pam Fled’ in March 2021.

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